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Chattanooga as part of the DJO GLOBAL family is a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for the treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders, and orthopedic aids (knee orthoses-DONJOY, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, combination devices, laser therapy, pressure therapy traction - extension, therapy with continuous passive movement of the hip, knee or shoulder joint, hydrotherapy, etc.

We single out from the offer:

  • DONJOY, ankle orthoses
  • DONJOY, AIRCAST compression boots (plaster replacement)
  • EXOS thermophobic orthoses for the arm and lumbar back
  • equipment for neurophysiological electrodiagnostics (EEG / Polygraphy, polysomnography, video EEG, holter EEG, electromyoneurography or EMG with evoked potentials and measurement of nerve conduction velocity)

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Ozone therapy equipment

Herrmann Hydromat Gmbh is also a manufacturer of ozone therapy equipment

HERRMANN Apparatebau

the world's leading manufacturer of hydrocolon and ozone therapy devices